Secret Weapon PLR products purchased on include a business non-transferable licence that allows you to sell and redistribute the digital products in your store and membership (limited by the guidelines)..

Understanding Freebies
We love qualities freebies which is why we allow you to gift our products to help grow your list. This is capped at x3 products per customer/membership holder.

Bundle & Membership Limits
BUNDLES: You can use the pre-created bundles as is. You can also create your own custom bundle (limit of 5 templates per bundle).

MEMBERSHIPS: You can also use up to 40 templates in your membership at a single time, if you need more we recommend rotating items which provides new value for your members as well and keeps your membership

Fair Use Policy
Please use the resources we have provided in a way which doesn’t devalue them. This includes bundling significant volumes of products and pricing at well under market value, displaying the products in a way diminishes the market value, or creating memberships which are filled with unreasonable volumes of products.

Just play fair and price your products within reason.

Reserved Copyright
Please play by the rules and use the digital products ethically & within the guidelines we have provided. We champion your success & out of respect for our members and store customers we reserve the right to remove the granted access to the products if required or the terms of use are exploited.


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